Single jersey lily of the valley`s light pink

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In the spring, everything is preparing to bloom - we start to feel scents, birds noises and shouts all around.

All this inspired us to create lily of the valley design.

Everyone should find their favorite here - there are pastel and deep rich colors.


17,50 €

Beautiful and feminine design if you want to sew a flowing dress for summer.

Pastel blue tones for those who love blue tonality.

The size of the leaves is 6.5x13 cm. Bell size 1.5 cm.

• Digital printed• 95% cotton 5% elastan• Weight 210g /m2• Width 150 cm• OEKO-TEX 100 sertificate(certified free from harmful substances)•Produced in Europe 

Machine wash 40 degrees. Iron 110 degrees. Tumble dry max 600 rotates. No bleach! 

SLF patterns are designed mainly from separate objects, which means that you can't get exactly the same design anywhere else.

Since we produce most of the patterns under 50 meters, it is practically impossible to meet someone with the exact same garment or, if so, the wearer has approached the design from their creative aspect!

NB! The fabric arrives pre-washed to remove excess color pigment. 

There may be differences in color tone between the finished product, visuals and viewing on different devices!