Natural fabrics from Estonian producer!

If you want to stand out from mass-produced fabrics, Studio Liv Fabrics is just for you!

Studio Liv Fabrics wants to offer beauty and aesthetic pleasure in the form of natural fabrics and unique patterns, which are not found in the collections of major European manufacturers.

We put together carefully selected designs and produce in limited quantities to stand out from the market, which also includes kunisex and timeless patterns. We produce all fabrics according to customer orders within 1-2 months after the end of the order period.

Studio Liv Fabrics has been producing fabrics for over four years now - we have many loyal and happy customers, whose sewing works can also be seen under PORTFOLIO.
We consider every customer important - we value regular customers and always look forward to discovering the world of fabrics.

On the website you will find an opportunity to pre-order new patterns, buy existing ones immediately, renew the portfolio of fabrics.

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If you have any questions or feedback, you are welcome to contact us via

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Liivika Mäekuusk
creator and soul